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ZNT N1 Mini Bluetooth Earbud (Review)


Taking half a break (there’s a pun here) from all of the wireless in-ear headphones we have been covering, today we get to talk about a single Bluetooth earbud for taking calls with, the ZNT N1 Mini Bluetooth earbud. It’s a single bud like any other Bluetooth earpiece for your phone (hence, taking “half” a break from headphones), but this one tries to stand out among the rest.

What allows this one to stand out more than anything, is both size and user friendliness. This earbud is barely larger than an American penny. It fits nicely within your ear and remains flush to the opening, allowing it to disappear slightly. Perfect if you don’t want it to be so obvious that you have something hanging round your ear. In fact, some may even think that it is some form of a hearing device.

The earbud itself features a sleek hard plastic body with a silicone tip. There are three sizes of tips to choose from (the usual), including small, medium and large. As always, it is best to obtain the best fit for your ear so that it maintains a secure fit to your ear while also maintaining comfort.

There is a single button on the face of the unit. This button does everything for you. Holding it down for around 3 seconds will turn the device on or off. If you continue to hold it down after turning it on, it will trigger pairing mode so that you can pair it to your mobile device. Once on, you can press it once to play or pause music (we’ll get to this in a second) as well as answer or disconnect a call. To reject a call, you simply hold it down for about 2-3 seconds  until it makes a noise. A double press of the button will redial the last number you called. All-in-all it is quite easy to work with and quite common when it comes to button pattern. It is recommended by our experience to spend most of your button clicking while the bud isn’t in your ear, as the sound of the click can be a little annoying when it is in your ear.

A small LED above the button gives you status of the device being on or off and the backside of the unit two small contact spots for taking a charge when it is in the charger. Now speaking of charging, this is one of its greatest features. It comes with two small USB charging sticks that the earbud snaps right into via magnets. All you have to do is get it close enough and it snaps right into place with ease, minimizing any guessing. It comes with two of these chargers so that you can keep one in the car and one in the house, or whatever works best for you. The charger also has a hinge so you can adjust the position around in case it is in the way.

It includes a slightly bulky (in comparison) shell form of case that serves well at protecting and storing the bud with. It’s a little larger so that you can include all of the accessories if you’d like. Else, you may be better off tossing the bud directly into your pocket due to it’s tiny size.

If you have seen their Amazon page or website, don’t let the sometimes poor English throw you off, as this little bud packs a lot of quality (and a good price). Also, the images can be a little distracting as well. The above image for example (taken from their Amazon page) just felt a little creepy to us. So maybe their graphic team could use a little better approach to marketing. All of this to the side, the product itself isn’t of poor quality–and you won’t find a lady jumping out of it to climb or yell into your ear (then again, I guess that depends on who’s on the other line). This bud features a great range to it for how small it is, making it useful enough to even listen to music with (if you are good with just one ear of music listening).

Taking or making phones calls is a breeze and you don’t sound bad at all while using it, despite the microphone being more inside of your ear vs. pointing at your mouth. The following sample gives you an idea of what the other person would hear. In this sample, I had our Senior Editor call me with it so that I can record the conversion and capture his voice.


It (the mic) doesn’t sound like the world’s greatest Bluetooth headset, but it is a small simple solution with a tiny microphone and an amazing price tag. So I think you get more than your money’s worth. Plus, the speaker inside of the earbud is ten times the effectiveness of the mic. If it is good enough to listen to music with, you can imagine how well someone’s voice sounds like.

Our Conclusion

It’s a great earbud that offers decent sound, great connectivity, solid construction, and an awesome price tag. The USB chargers that it comes with work great and are beyond user-friendly. The fact that it comes with two of them is an added bonus. So small that it is perfect for getting your inner secret agent on with.

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