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Fake E-Card Emails Are At It Again This Holiday Season


malwareIt is always best to assume that if you don’t recognize the sender of an email claiming to have sent you an e-card for the holiday, that you are better off deleting it. As every holiday season, e-card scams are at a high as spammers seek to infect victims with malware by sending attachments disguised as e-cards. Once you click on and open the attachment, it generally infects your computer with malware that could do anything from deliver annoying ads to you constantly, to steal your personal information.

So if you get one of these mysterious emails and don’t know who the sender is…delete it. Chances are, it will probably be a trojan waiting to happen.

Thankfully, a lot of anti-spam applications will catch these but it’s never good to lean on them assuming they will always bail you out. Sometimes, they won’t even detect there is something wrong until the infection has already taken place (they don’t always catch the attachment before you open it).

Keep safe and surf smart this season! Happy holidays!


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