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iCloud accounts threatened hostage by hackers


Hackers are at it again as Apple received a threat from a group of hackers referring to themselves as the “Turkish Crime Family”. The hackers claim to have breached over 300 million iCloud user accounts.

Currently, they have made demands for Apple to pay $75,000, delivered as bitcoin by April 7th, else they will begin resetting the passwords of these accounts, as well as remotely resetting iPhone devices attached to them.

They provided videos of them claiming to log into said breached accounts as well as screenshot information showing their discussion with Apple in regards to this breach.

Although Apple has not responded to comments from the press in regards to the matter, they have come out reassuring that there has been no security breaches on their end. Apple stated that “the alleged list of email addresses and passwords appears to have been obtained from previously compromised third-party services,” and that they are currently working with law enforcement on the matter.

This follows a list of attacks against popular services, including one made against Twitter just a week ago, where high profile accounts were plagued with Nazi-themed comments and images.


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