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Alexa is going to lose her voice during Super Bowl (spoilers)


No matter how much you fight it, there will always be an enormous amount of people looking forward to the ads during Super Bowl (pretty much the only time they are looking forward to ads). Mostly because they are typically funner than most of the ads you fine throughout the rest of the year (it’s like a competition). Amazon is going to be one of the handful of ads to expect during the upcoming game, where which poor digital assistant “Alexa” will be losing her voice.

Alexa has apparently been used so frequently, her voice ends with a cough and this sends Amazon running for a replacement solution. In the end however, Alexa comes back to say there can be only one. Until Google and everyone finish catching up at least.

Also, originally pointed out by Bloomberg, Amazon is promising that the commercial will not trigger your Alexa device at home to go off with any false positives, despite the word “Alexa” being used multiple times throughout the entire video. Popular theory started by a user on Reddit points to the fact that they seem to have edited specific frequencies out of the commercial’s audio. I guess we will have to wait and see for sure, but during our test of it, it didn’t trigger Alexa even once.

Alexa from Amazon


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