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Alexa now supports multi-room streaming of music


Amazon has finally added the ability to Alexa, that allows it to stream music all throughout your house at once (assuming of course that you have an Alexa-equipped device in each room). Before, you would only be able to get the current Alexa device (ie, Echo) to play the music you want to hear. Meanwhile, speakers from companies like Sonos and Bose allow you to stream to multiple rooms at the same time. In face, many companies have been jumping on this bandwagon over the last few years.

Finally, Amazon has jumped into the crowd as well with their latest Alexa update. Now you can assign various devices (of two or more) to groups using the Alexa app. You can separate it by sections, floors or simply make a group for the entire home (or whatever space the speakers are located). For example, you can assign a number of Echo devices to a group called ‘Downstairs’ and then say “Alexa, play Hotel California downstairs”. All of those devices will light up with the music requested, plaing it in-sync. Or, set up a group called ‘Everywhere’, adding every Echo device you have. Then say “Alexa, play rock music everywhere”, and all of your Echo devices will answer your request at once.

Currently, the new feature supports Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Pandora–with support for Spotify and SiriusXM coming in the near future. Additionally to make things even cooler, Amazon is working on an API that will allow other devices to join in on the fun (such as your AV receiver, as well as the above mentioned brands, and more). A preview edition of the APIs are available now for developers to begin testing out such integration.

Between this and using Echo devices as an intercom system, Amazon is doing a great job with making these devices highly desirable.

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