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Amazon’s Prime Day is here! Time for some sweet deals!


The glorious day where Amazon launches a long serious of special deals during a 30 hour period, allowing you to get your hands on some of Amazon’s favorites and more, at very special prices–is here! Time to jump in and maybe take advantage of some of those gadgets you’ve been pondering on adding to your collection, since you may not find a better price this year. You do have to be an Amazon Prime member, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you can sign up here, including a 30-day trial!

Some of the highlights this round are broken down here to give you direct links and a brief look of at what’s hot, including a lot of “prime” items for holiday presents later in the year (in case you’re like me and like to get a head start on these things).

  • Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers ($399): This is actually a special triggered by Oculus themselves and should be running for a very short while past Prime Day. The best price on a top VR contender yet, making a perfect gift for someone (especially if that someone is you).
  • Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa ($34.99): A great deal giving you the perfect (and affordable) opportunity to either add Alexa to your home, or to expand your coverage into other rooms. It’s a good time to take advantage of Alexa’s “Drop In” feature to add an intercom ability to your home. It does come with a built-in speaker and you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker wirelessly for added volume, if you so wish.
  • Amazon Echo with Alexa (89.99): The full Echo with 360-degree speaker, a great deal since it would normally run you between $149 and $179. You get everything the dot can do in a much nicer package.
  • The New Fire 7 tablet with Alexa (with special offers) ($29-$49): Starting at only $29 (8GB model), you can get your hands an a very affordable tablet. The $49 model is 16GB. These are the version with special offers, which means they offset the price by including ads and offerings. Available in blue, red, yellow and black.
  • Sony 55-inch 4K TV ($499): Model XBR55X700D, the title really tells it on. You can get your hands on a 55-inch 4K TV for a low price. An option to get prepared for the upcoming Xbox One X with.
  • iRobot Roomba 652 Vacuum ($249): Who doesn’t want a robot vacuum cleaner running around taking care of the dirty work for them? Not only will it clean your floors, but it will even return home to recharge itself on its dock.
  • Xbox One S 500GB Mega Bundle ($239): Now this one is precious. Precious because it comes with a LOT of perks. For one, you get an extra wireless controller so that you can play with a friend (normally $40-$60), with a play and charge kit. If that isn’t already a sweet deal, you also get Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5 (an amazing game) and Record. The fact that it is a 4K system that can also play 4K Blu-rays makes it all the sweeter. Might also go pretty darn well with the above mentioned 4K TV (or any other 4K mentioned in their list of Prime Day specials)!
  • PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Uncharted Bundle ($229): Just in case you haven’t gotten your hands on a Playstation 4 yet (and don’t care about getting the Pro model), you can get your hands on this bundle for only $229. You get a great game out of it.
  • TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug with Alexa support ($19.99): Automate your outlets with TP-Link’s smart plug that doesn’t require any hub in the mix. It can be controlled from their app or using any device on the network that makes use of Amazon’s Alexa.

That doesn’t even tough the amount of deals that are being offered today. To keep an eye and browse through it all, you can go directly to the Amazon Prime Day page. The deals will come and go throughout the day as most of them are only available during limited times throughout. Happy shopping!


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