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Android co-founder teases new phone


Android co-founder, Andy Rubin, has shared a bit of a teaser on Twitter, letting everyone know how their new project is “shaping up” and that he is “eager to get it in more people’s hands” in the near future.

Andy left Google back in October of 2014 to start his own business and path. He became the Founder and CEO of Playground Global, a company set on providing education and funding to other startup companies that specialize in devices and AI.

Back in January, Andy announced a new company that was forming by the name of “Essential”, in which he would server as the CEO of. Now we may have received a first glimpse of what they may be working on.

He teases a new device that appears to look a lot like an Android phone with a near bezel-less screen. Outside of a button on the side, there isn’t much to go on. So it really is nothing more than just a tease for now, but hints that there may be a new device coming soon to the market.


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