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Another classic Nintendo console to hit the market


The classic ¬†console race is still hot on the move, as Retro-Bit prepares to also launch an updated version of one of their consoles. Coming this August 10th, is Retro-Bit’s RES Plus NES console, capable of playing all of your favorite NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games in 720p HD resolution. Making use of an HDMI connection, the console can be connected to any modern day TV or receiver, where you will be able to break out all of those old cartridges you have stored away, so that you can enjoy them once again.

Retro-Bit’s new console is not an emulator, so you won’t find any games built into it like the Nintendo Classic system, but NES games are more than easy enough to find at your local collector stores as well as places online like eBay.

The console will come with everything you need, including an HDMI cable and two controllers. You also have the option of analog RCA if you choose. It will launch with a price of just $39.99, and it is already available for pre-order via Amazon.

Pre-Order from Amazon


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  1. This is an interesting concept. It solves that problem of the old connector pin going on the classic NES consoles and lets you play as many games as you want unlike the NES classic. Games are pretty freely available on eBay these days.

    I still prefer the Raspberry Pi gaming console though. With access to all the retro gaming platforms and unlimited gaming it is a tough proposition to beat. I picked one up at and haven’t stopped playing since.

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