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Apple recalls the Dr. Dre Beats Pill XL speaker


A common problem with poorly manufactured lithium-ion batteries is the risk of fire. This has plagued devices in recent years as companies strive to find more efficient ways of making use of these as a power source. More useful than other battery options until new tech makes its way to the market, lithium-ion has become the most popular source of energy for mobile devices of all kinds. This also means you start to hear more about the dangers of lithium-ion, even though such risks of fire is typically rare.

Dr Dre’s Beats Pill XL speaker is the most recent device to fall victim to these risks as they have found rare but present cases of over-heating that could potentially lead to fire risks.

Beats is now owned by Apple–who is the company making the recall–and owners of the speaker can visit this page on Apple’s website where they can request a refund for the product. Apple will either provide Apple store credit or an electronic payment of $325. A brave but notable move that shows the issue isn’t just a quick fix.

No other Beats products are affected by this recall, nor are they in the spotlight of any concerns.


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