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Apple’s iPhone X is the most crackable iPhone yet


With the launch of the new Apple iPhone X three days ago, people have lined up as usual to get their hands on one, including all of the groups who can’t wait to simply throw it at the ground, hit it with a hammer or let Fido get his chops on it. Now that a number of tests have already been performed (and no, we are not going to add to that list with one ourselves), the verdict is in and seems to be similar across all experiences.

The Apple X is the most crackable iPhone yet. By crackable I don’t mean jailbreaking the device, but getting the surround glass to fracture upon impact after a drop (or hit). Companies like CNET have already had their hand at it and found that the glass cracked with some of the most basic fall tests, some as simple as three feet. These tests prove that you want to be more careful than ever with the new model as it won’t take much. This means keep it in your case, practice good reflex drills in case you ever drop it (because, why not?), and never put it in your pocket with anything else (ie, keys).

Three feet might sound like a big deal as generally you don’t want to drop any electronic from any distance, however phones have been proving to be more and more resilient to such impacts as we move further into the evolution of such technologies like Gorilla Glass. As these technologies improve, we have seen screens and phone bodies improve with them, including curved, double sided glass (both sides of the phone) and now possibly folding screens (in the near future).

A good example is the Nokia Lumia 920 phone which features Gorilla Glass 2. That phone not only survived drops but we have dropped one while in a cold run, watching it bounce as it hit the ground and drag a few feet before it came to a stop. We even flung it across a meeting room into a stick of truss (a metal structure that lights and other equipment can attach to) in a exaggerated attempt to show how durable it was (and no cracks were born that day–surprisingly).

The fact that the new iPhone can take damage so easily is not a good sign when it is priced at a thousand dollars and up. A flagship phone that Apple really needs to take off to help keep them fast in the race of things. Even SquareTrade has rated it the most breakable. Although sells seem to be pretty good on both the X and the 8 that came out in September, you will soon see a lot of complaints rolling in about everyone breaking their glass–because let’s face it, we all suck at taking care of our phones.

Hopefully Apple can find a way to improve on the glass as future shipments make their way into the market, helping to secure their hold on the Apple fan community.


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