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Australia’s BrewArt is coming to town: Home Beer Brewing system


Coming from the South Australian brewery Coopers is a new automated brewing system which uses Wi-Fi, precise temperature control, and patented end of fermentation technology to make your favorite beers. Starting this holiday season, you will be able to purchase the BrewArt system from such high end stores as Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, as well as from our good friends at Amazon. Bloomingdale’s will be offering the BrewArt system in their stores in major US cities, as well as in their online catalog. Neiman Marcus has featured the brewing system in their Christmas catalog as well as in their online offerings.

What’s in the box?

The BrewArt is designed as the world’s first fully automated personal brewing system. It enables one to brew pub quality beer at the touch of a button. The system includes the smart-phone connected BeerDroid which brews the beer, and the BrewFlo which chills your freshly brewed beer to the appropriate temperature for pouring from the system’s pub style tap. The system includes access to Brewprints, a specific set of ingredients to enable the owners to pick the specific style of beer desired: from American Pale Ale, European Pilsner, or any of 3000 customized beers. The BrewDroid uses a patented End of Fermentation technology that automatically detects the begin and end of fermentation without complicated testing and the BrewFlo controls serving temperature, while serving without a need for additional CO2.

According to BrewArt’s marketing Manager, the system was developed in South Australia over an 8 year period, leading to the product’s release in the Summer of 2016. Within months of being released the BrewArt won a Canstar Blue 2016 Innovation Award. The company is thrilled that their home brewing technology has been chosen by such prestigious American Department stores as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. The reason they are also listing the BrewArt and BrewFlo on Amazon was to ensure that the device would be available to anyone in the USA, over the age of 21. 

From the photos, the system is obviously designed to fit in any kitchen, while retaining design elements advanced enough to please the most particular home owner. It can be controlled by one’s smartphone, and all firmware upgrades will also be shunted through the smartphone app. The company can actually, with permission, log into your system and see where something may have gone wrong in the brewing process in case of a tragic mistake. The average brewing time is similar to a traditional home brew with 5-15 days spent in fermentation mode, then a keg or bottle fermentation to provide natural carbonation takes another two weeks.

Unlike other systems I have reviewed in the past: This is a very high end product. The BeerDroid sells for $799 USD and the BrewFlo adds another $699 USD. This seems to be a very interesting product for the home brewing enthusiast who wants a contemporary, stylish unit one can be proud to have in one’s home. Coopers is the largest brewery in Australia and has been making home brewing products since the 1970s, and is the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of brewing extracts. I hope to see this unit at next year’s Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, so I can sample their wares.



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