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BeBop Sensors looking to give VR/AR a more accurate touch


BeBop Sensors announced their new gloves that will take VR/AR controllers to a whole new level, by adding a deep layer of accuracy to how you interact with related games and apps. They are referred to as Marcel Modular Data Gloves, and they track the full motion of your hand, down to the movement of each individual finger.

The new gloves come in 3 different formats. Each version has a different number of sensors built-in (5, 10 and 14). They are being pitched to OEM companies for integration into big name products and hopefully a VR/AR solution that you can purchase real soon.

Aside from tracking the motion of your hands and fingers, they provide haptic feedback as well as can track the speed of your motions as well. Both movement and speed are tracked via 120Hz sub-frame latency, allowing for real-time interaction with applications. So prepare to be able to reach out and grab objects in your favorite games, where not only will a in-game character be able to mimic what your hand is doing, but you may even get a slight feel of holding something in reality (via the haptic feedback).

This completely beats out the current controllers being offered with solutions such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which simply track motion of the controllers themselves as well as provide buttons for control. They do not track your realistic hand movements at all (just position in space).

They are currently available and being pitched to OEM manufactures as we speak.


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