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beyerdynamic announces new DTX 350 m at a low price


Beyerdynamic has announced their new “DTX 350 m” on-ear headset, a new headphone designed after the previous model, the DTX 350 p, only with a in-line microphone and controls so that you can use it as a hands-free headset during calls and control your music from the cable on top of things (something you’d expect to find in any pair of headphones these days.

They are promising excellent sound at an affordable price, by offering the new DTX 350 m headset for only €49 (euros), which means it would run around $56-59 (USD) most likely. This would make it an effective buy if the sound quality lives up to beyerdynamic’s promise.

Inside the box you can expect to find the cable with in-line remote and microphone and soft carrying bag for travel. The headphones will come in both a black and white selection and will fold so that they store easily in their travel bag. They will be showing them off at the IFA trade fair in Berlin next month. Next month is also when they will start selling and shipping the new model via online and select retailers. If we get our hands on a pair or learn more, we will be sure to share all we discover with you.


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