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beyerdynamic releases their new Xelento wireless in-ear audiophile headphones


We have discussed a lot of headphone solutions, including a wide selection of in-ear options that range from a blue-light specials at Walmart to rich audiophile experiences that make you wonder how all of that sound could come from such a tiny bit of space. However, we don’t always talk about what comes next.

For today’s example, beyerdynamic has launched their new Xelento wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones, designed for the audiophile community. A $999 pair of buds whose price tag would send the average consumer running for the exit, hoping to never see that store again. However, it would make a true audiophile lean in closer and ask for a listen, wanting to know if they live up to the price–fully understanding what truly amazing audio sounds like (and the sacrifices that you must take at times to get there).

Supporting  48 kHz / 24 Bit sound and up to (cabled) a range of 8Hz-48KHz, these new in-ear buds are hoping to encourage a strong smile to go along with the music you are listening to. Beyerdynamic doesn’t seem to be playing around.

The new headphones feature Tesla transducers, Qualcomm aptX HD audio, a battery pack that clips to your clothing, and the ability to convert it back to an analog pair of headphones if you ever find the need (ie, dead battery or a device that does not support Bluetooth). It can put out up to 5.5 hours of playback before the battery needs recharging, and comes with a nice fancy case to store everything in.

As usual, there is an in-line remote for taking calls and controlling your music with, and there are plenty of different sizes of tips to customize to the size of your ears with.

It isn’t truly “wireless”, since (as you can see) there are obviously still wires involved. As like most any other pair of “wireless” in-ear headphones, this is referring to the physical connection to the source device. So really, it is “jackless” Bluetooth headphones, making a wireless connection, but aren’t quite wireless themselves. So you will have wires running up to your ears from the battery pack that you clip to your shirt, but you won’t have any troubles with mobility since it won’t be tugging on your device.

We haven’t heard the new headphones just yet, as they are being announced currently at High End 2017, which is in Munich (and we don’t have anyone out there this round). However, I am sure we will run past them eventually and share with you everything we find. They are targeted for audiophile listening, so of course our expectations are quite high (especially at that price tag).

They are currently shipping and can be found at places like Amazon with free shipping and of course, beyerdynamic’s website.


Transducer type Dynamic, Tesla
Operating principle Closed
Frequency response 8 – 48,000 Hz (cabled use)
Nominal impedance 16 ohms
Nominal SPL 110 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz)
T.H.D. < 0,2 %
Transmission Bluetooth
Codecs aptXTM HD, aptXTM, AAC, SBC
Transmission rate 48 kHz / 24 Bit
Remote control & microphone Universal 3-button
Sound coupling to the ear In-ear
Playing time Up to 5.5 h
Weight (without cable) 7 g
Supplied accessories Bluetooth connection cable, detachable (MMCX) with
remote control, microphone and rechargeable battery pack
Jack connection cable 1.3 m / detachable (MMCX) with
remote control* and microphone,
3.5 mm jack plug, 4-pin
USB-A to micro USB charging cable
7 pairs of silicone ear tips
3 pairs of Comply™ ear tips
1 pair of replacement protective grilles
Carry case for transport
Clip for rechargeable battery pack
Cable clip
Quick Start Guide
Recommended retail price 1.199 Euro
999.99 US

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