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Black Friday: It’s the best time to load up on MicroSD memory


Black Friday is here and so are the many specials to go with it. This is usually the best time of year to load up on your SD memory for mobile devices as all the prices have dropped, allowing you to keep your devices upgrades as well as others while you narrow down your holiday lists.

SanDisk is having a big sale right now on Amazon, resulting in prices that are up to 60 or even 70% off original MSRP pricing. This means you can get 32GB cards for as low as $10, 128GB cards as low as $15, and so forth. The below link will take you to the sale currently going on today.

These are the MicroSD cards, good for devices such as smartphone, tablets, sport cameras, security cameras, digital cameras, toys, recording devices, instruments, drones and so much more (I think you get the point). If your device accepts MicroSD media, then read up on the maximum capacity it can handle, because chances are, you can now afford to reach those limits.

Also, if you have friends or family with devices that you have overheard complain about that they always run out of space with, here is the time to be their holiday hero.

The selection ranges from 16GB all the way up to 256GB in size. So there is a little something for everyone. Also, make sure you do (as I said above) read up on the max any given device can support so you buy the right card for the right gadget.

SanDisk Sale on Amazon

You can also see what other items SanDisk has on sale by clicking here. They have also dropped the price on a number of other products, including flash drives, regular SD cards, SSD drives and more. SanDisk is by far one of the leading brands in flash memory, which has brought them to the top of the list in many situations when it comes to both price and performance.Their SATA SSDs are among the top selling drives out there on the market.


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