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Blink announces new video doorbell coming for only $99


Yet another player in video doorbells, Blink will be expanding on their product line with a video doorbell solution similar to that of other companies like Ring (which we have a story coming soon about) and Zmodo’s Ding. The new “Blink Video Doorbell” will be launching sometime in 2018 and will be available for only $99, making it one of the better priced solutions out there as long as it delivers the services it promises.

You can find a lot of the similar features like two-way audio, IR night vision, motion detection, weatherproof, live view, various configurable alerts and more. They are boasting “HD Video” within the specs, although they aren’t going into detail on what that entails. It could be just another 720p camera, or they might shake the game up completely and offer a crisp 1080p, which would place pressure on the pricing of their competitors.

Also, it will be a wire-free design, which means it won’t have to replace a pre-existing wired doorbell. Instead, it operates on batteries to keep it going and they are promising a two-year battery life. So you can place this doorbell anywhere you’d like (maybe you need a doorbell for the rear or side entrance of the house because no one uses the front).

The doorbell looks a little like Ring’s Doorbell Pro in shape and color options and also claims to come with free cloud storage, which we will believe it when we see it. If they can pull off the latter, that too will really shake things up in the market if it turns out to be usable. Chances are it will come with a catch.

It isn’t out just yet and they don’t have an announced release date either, so all you can do as of now is sign up with their mailing list for further information and “early access” for when it does launch. They may even offer pre-ordering only for those on the list (who knows).


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