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Blink has been acquired by Amazon


Here we were just talking about Blink and already there is something new to discuss. Blink has announced via their website’s blog that Amazon has acquired their Massachusetts-based company in an attempt to expand on the already towering portfolio of products that Amazon has to offer internally. With the ever growing popularity of the smart home and IoT, it was only a matter of time before Amazon made the move.

Blink has been growing in popularity due to their “truly wireless” smart cams that operate via batteries and promise a long lifespan (two years) before you have to swap those batteries out. This way your options are endless when it comes to where you can place them–at least, as long as you have WiFi for any given spot. Now, Blink has also announced their own video doorbell solution that will be launching sometime next year (2018).

So not only will Amazon now have these new cameras in their lineup, but also the doorbell when it launches–which will all compete against companies like Ring and Zmodo. A smart move to keep up with competitors, like Google who acquired the Nest brand.

Blink is promising their customers that everything will continue to be supported (for now) so there is nothing to worry about (for now). They said that they will continue to operate and support their products “under the new Amazon umbrella”.


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