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Bose is spying on their customers through their headphones


Sadly, a case was made by a Bose customer (plaintiff), Kyle Zak, claiming that Bose has been spying on its customers, who have been using the popular QuietComfort headphones.

Per the case, studies have been done by the law firm (Edelson) representing Kyle, showing that the Bose Connect App that acts as a companion to the headphones, allowing for additional options like EQ and noise cancellation adjustment, actually secretly collects information in the background.

The app tracks everything the user is listening to and sends it back to Bose. Not only that, but it also shares the information with, a data-mining company. All of this is happening without the user’s knowledge and without any mention within the app’s privacy policy. This information can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customizing advertising or product research.

The case points out that, combined with product registration information, Bose can fine tune the collected information further if they wanted to, by finding out the user’s political information and more. This creates a breach of trust, especially since none of this is mentioned in their policy. It doesn’t mention anything about them collecting track, artist or any other additional information in regards to what you are actually using the headphones for.

In their case, Kyle’s attorneys are making claim to a number of violations, including deceptive business practices, eavesdropping and wiretapping.

Bose isn’t alone, as major companies have been getting caught more frequently these days making use of similar practices. Companies like Lenovo and Vizio to name a few, who have been collecting similar information through the use of background processes and/or bloatware acting quite similar to malware.



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