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Brilliant Control takes aim at being another all-in-one smart home controller


We tend to cover a lot of smart home solutions and controllers out there, yet we have only touched on a few thus far that presented themselves as a touch screen interface that installs to your wall. You may remember our story on the NuBryte solution we covered in the past that aimed to cover everything from light, audio, weather, security, in-home comm and more. They aren’t alone as companies continue to compete with equally appealing solutions, one of these being the Brilliant Control.

Brilliant is set to start shipping later this summer and are already taking pre-orders for their touchscreen solutions. They are starting at $149 during pre-orders and increasing to $199 once they start selling openly. The controllers–a lot like NuBryte–install by replacing one of the light switches in your home. It comes in multiple flavors, allowing you the flexibility of replacing single to multiple-gang style switches. All of which feature a 5-in HD touchscreen

They seemed to have spent the right amount of time to get these to work well as soon as you get things set up. Not only should installation be easy (like similar solutions), but the initial support of brands they are looking for at release is impressive. It seems they have everything from the Amazon Alexa (built-in) to Samsung SmartThings covered. Other names like Philips Hue, Ring, Wink, IFTTT, Nest, Honeywell, Sonos and more, join that list.

It has a microphone and camera built-in for occupancy and motion features as well as voice for things like intercom between units. Again, sounds familiar? Now it seems we may have a competitive war brewing in the future as these brands dual it out for the top place for consumer interest.

We can’t wait to see where it goes from here and how well it takes off. Not to mention, how the competition will respond to this one.


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