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Bring Windows Hello to any computer with VeriMark by Kensington


Kensington has announced today the VeriMark Fingerprint Key, a small USB device that can plug into any computer that supports the Windows Hello (Windows 10) feature, enabling use of it on any PC that lacks its own built-in biometric (fingerprint) scanner.

The USB key simply slides into any USB port on the PC, allowing you to use it to unlock your PC with a simple touch of your finger (Windows Hello). It also supports Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) for access to online assets that can be protected with the same technique.

“With Windows Hello, businesses now have enterprise-grade security that is also easy to use,” said Pavan Li, Sr. Product Manager of Windows Consumer Marketing.

Kensington promises support for 360-degree readability with anti-spoofing technology. Their plan is to allow easy enterprise-level security enhancements to your computers without forcing companies or consumers to have to upgrade all of their equipment. The simple key is all they need, to bring these features to what they already have and with it, the assuredness of biometrics.

VeriMark has launched and is currently available on Kensington’s website. It should be rolling out to additional retailers both on and offline shortly.


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