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Bring your wall art to life with Meural’s 27-inch IPS Digital Frame


Digital picture frames have been around for a number of years now, allowing you to display some of your favorite family images and more. Most of these have been limited to the size of an 8×10 image or smaller, but some solutions have been reaching further to make the larger, more detailed options, a reality. Look back to some of your favorite future tech themes movies like “Antitrust“, where they have customizable paintings on the walls that interact with the user and turn out to be a giant screen mimicking a painting or other type of wall art. This is something that has actually been possible for quite some time now, assuming you have money to make it possible.

Now, that isn’t so much the case anymore as prices become more consumer friendly. Meural is one of the companies now offering a larger solution by using a 27-inch IPS screen, allowing for bright vivid colors and great detail and these digital wall canvases also come preloaded with over 20,000 works of art and photography. Why not throw up a 27-inch Van Gogh on the wall to impress your friends with (or most importantly, yourself)?

If having over 20,000 images isn’t enough, you also have the option of uploading your own (it comes with 8GB of storage). This would also make a great display piece for showing off your own artwork at conventions, galleries and more.

Although they still aren’t crazy affordable, they aren’t crazy expensive. They run just over $500, with a special-edition lightbox model that runs about a hundred dollars more. They are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control them from your phone, tablet or PC, including uploading all of your custom images (from).

What makes it even more interesting, is the fact that you can use hand gestures to the control the frame with. You can change images simply by swiping your hand and even display information about the displayed piece by swiping up (if it is included with the image/file).

You can view all of the information and remotely control from your phone as well (as mentioned), including the detail text for each image.

They can be hung in either portrait or landscape and comes with a few model variations to choose from. The regular frames themselves offer both black and white options, both of which are painted wood in design. The more expensive lightbox edition features a soft light-brown wood.

There is only one disadvantage to the frame, which is the wall adapter that does have to be plugged into it, which can obviously be quite noticeable if you don’t approach it right. There are three easy ways of blending it in. You can of course skip hanging it, and lean it against the wall via a shelf or other form of furniture, which is quite popular with today’s modern approach to decor. Or, you can use wall mold to run up the wall and help blend it into the paint with. Finally, you can hang the frame where there is a recessed outlet higher up on the wall, where the adapter can be hidden behind the frame with.

Personally, I can’t wait till we see even larger options with OLED or even e-ink, but for now, this sounds like a fantastic idea for both at home and in the office. I wouldn’t mind having one on the wall by my desk, loaded with some of my favorite artists.

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