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Brush your teeth for only 10 seconds at a time with Amabrush


I know it doesn’t take too much time to spend two minutes a day brushing your teeth, but wouldn’t it be great to cut that down to just 10 seconds a day. Ever since college, I know my time in the bathroom each morning feels like standing on a conveyor belt. I have things consolidated down to the quickest process of getting on with my morning (to more important things, like more caffeine).

Amabrush is a new product currently on Kickstarter that aims to deliver just this. The ability to quickly clean your teeth simultaneously in only 10 seconds. You simply take it off of it’s Qi wireless charging pad, throw it in your mouth, press a button, and wait the 10 seconds. It will even support Bluetooth so that you can connect to it via your phone and configure various options such as adjusting the cleaning time to your own preferences, or the mode. You will have multiple modes to choose from such as “gum massage”, “whitening” and “burst mode”, and can order new parts quickly.

A single charge should last you around two weeks of brushing twice a day, so you don’t have to worry about dragging the charging pad with you when you travel. The toothpaste capsules will use just enough toothpaste required to properly clean your teeth and replacement parts won’t kill your budget. There are two parts that need replacing: the mouth piece and the toothpaste capsules. The mouth piece should be replaced every 3-6 months and will only cost you around $6.85 each time. Then there is the toothpaste capsules that last around a month, and will only cost you around $3.43 for a new one.

They claim that you spend 108 days worth of time within your lifetime, just brushing your teeth–assuming that you brush your teeth twice a day, every day. With Amabrush, they point out that you will save 100 of these days (worth of time). Not a bad deal when you aren’t much of a morning person to begin with. Even if you are into your mornings, I am sure you don’t take pleasure in the more tedious tasks of preparation.

If it accomplishes what it promises, I see this easily changing the game for how we brush. If you want in on the crowdfunding, you can visit their Kickstarter page here, where they currently have 23 days left in the campaign. They have already made over 20 times their original goal, so you know the demand is there.


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