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Caseta Wireless adds support for Samsung SmartThings


Caseta Wireless is another wireless smart home option for your home by Lutron that incorporates all of your favorite Lutron device types with their smart bridge and app. From there, you can control your lights, shades and more using their app. However, what if you already have a solution running in your house like SmartThings? It’s always a drag to have to switch between various apps to control the devices in your home.

Lutron has opened up support with Samsung’s SmartThings, allowing you to control your Caseta Wireless devices in one place. You will still need Lutron’s bridge to connect all of the Caseta Wireless together with, but it will be able to be controlled via the SmartThings bridge, allowing you to consolidate everything into one place, making it easier to control your house. This also allows devices from both sides to interact with each other. So the next time you SmartThings sensors detect motion, they can trigger your Caseta Wireless controlled lights to turn on (and so forth).

In the following video, you can learn more about Lutron’s smart home options via our interview with them earlier this year during CES 2017.


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