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Cognitive Systems announces next generation of Aura home monitoring system


Earlier this year we spoke with Cognitive Systems about their new Aura home monitoring system that offers a completely different approach to securing your home. Instead of installing cameras all over with wires running everywhere, Aura keeps an eye on things using wireless signals. By doing this, they aren’t limited by walls or other objects as a camera would be. Aura creates a mesh network (Note: this is not a WiFi network) throughout your home and can detect when the wireless signals are disrupted by an object moving around. This can trigger an alarm for you to review via the app. A great way to secure your domain without the privacy concerns of cameras everywhere.

When we spoke to them back in January, they were just rolling out the first generation of the product. It was a quite fascinating idea, although they still had many plans on making it better as they tweaked the technology. Some things were missing like the ability to decipher the difference between human movement and that of pets. Now with the next generation of Aura, they have already addressed this with what they call Pet Learning Technology. Along with this, they have now added support for Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT for extended control.

Users can use the app to create a simple diagram of their home and then watch motion live as it moves around. They can view a history of motion and choose between multiple scenes and notification options. Aura not only has the ability to decipher the difference between humans and pets now, but it is also smart enough to know the difference between such movement and that of a ceiling fan or similar.

Prices begin around $199 for a starter kit of two Aura beacons and can expand with up to 3 additional beacons to cover larger areas with ($99 each). It isn’t exactly an affordable solution for most, but it does promise a fascinating approach to home security. For more information, you can visit their website here. You can also view our interview with them just below for earlier in January (2017) at CES in Las Vegas.


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