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Control your DJI Phantom’s camera with the VR One headset


Controlling today’s quadcopters is a breeze, but it still requires a certain skill of multitasking if you are looking to also get the perfect shot and you don’t have anyone else with you to help take over the camera as you fly. A solution is available to make this easier for the pilot, and it also adds to the fun experience.

iphone_overviewCloudlightFPV is a smartphone app (currently, only available on iOS devices) that allows you to integrate a VR One (by Zeiss) headset into the mix, giving you control over your DJI quadcopter‘s camera while your hands stay on the remote. It tracks the movement of your head using the sensors in your iPhone while it is inserted into the headset, allowing you to fully control the direction of the Phantom’s camera.

You can easily switch between your point of view (POV) or the drone’s view, which is the direction it is pointing. It even features an on-screen display with telemetry information and can make use of the iPhone’s camera so that take offs and landings don’t require having to remove the headset.


Currently, the app supports the Phantom 2 Vision (and Vision+), Phantom 3 series (Professional and Advanced) and the Inspire 1 (which includes additional features). The app can be found here in the App Store.


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