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DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter now selling strong


DJI’s latest model in the Phantom series, the Phantom 4, was recently released and is now selling strong via select online and offline retailers such as (which just started shipping two days ago). The new drone aims to compete with the latest companies that have or will soon launch new competing models that bring features that drone pilots from all over have been asking for.

The Phantom 4 packs some of the same technology featured on the more expensive Inspire 1 model and can now effectively avoid obstacles on its own.  This proves to be quick useful since the Phantom 4 can now follow you autonomously (just like the Hexo+ that we have discussed in the past).

It doesn’t just stop there. There is now a TapFly option that allows you to take off at the touch of a button and its ability to fly home when it loses signal or runs low on battery has gotten even better due to that ability to avoid objects.

Flight time has also increased over previous models. The Phantom 2 would get about 15 minutes of flight time out of a battery, where the Phantom 4 can now get around 28 minutes, allowing you to stay in the air longer before having to change batteries. This could potentially mean less batteries to pay for and lug around as well–depending on what you need the drone for.

The 4K camera on-board is till only 30 frames per second at 4K, so there isn’t much anything new there outside of the image quality, but the fact that the Phantom 4 sells for the same price as the Phantom 2 did, it proves to be a tempting purchase.

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