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DJI’s Experience Wonder live event with special announcement starting now (watch live here)



DJI is planning on announcing something new. It could be a new revolutionary drone, or a new firmware change that is going to be big. It could be a new camera or a drone accessory.  The event begins at 11:30EST (8:30PST) and you can watch it via the following video stream below.

Our guess is that ti is going to have something to do with a new Phantom since we are due one by now. Let’s watch and find out! Enjoy, and tell us what you think below in the comments.



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  1. Total Media TV on

    It was mind blowing to see the streaming live from different parts of the world, and the new capabilities that the phantom 3 offers to the aerial artists.

  2. When is the release date? I haven’t heard that from the live stream. I may have missed the announcement.

  3. I’m a huge supporter of DJI but that guy hosting drove me nuts. Looking forward to seeing and being part of DJI’s future.

  4. Fredrik Thorsen on

    Great stuff, will definitely get one, camera seems great, love the rectilinear view,Stacy Garlington should read up on her manners!Don’t trash talk Philip Bloom like that, just because YOU don’t know who he is.

  5. Tomáš P?ni?ka on

    Nice DJI! But don’t forget who start up your busines. Your profi line like WKM became to be old stuff. Please let us buy consumer parts like ultrasonic sensors, for profi copters.Thanks

  6. What a privilege to be with such cool people today and watch the Phantom 3 fly around inside. Very cool DJI – and thank you for the goodies on the way out!

  7. GrandpaSStudio on

    33:29 – presentation starts at37:02 – video DJI company presentation39:15 – Eric Cheng (@echeng) speach45:29 – DJI PHANTOM 3 footage (film)48:35 – Phantom 3 performance50:34 – app funcionalyty54:39 – PRANTOM 3 price59:00 – LIVE from PRANTOM 31:06:00 -PHANTOM 3 in room1:07:40 – Paul Bloom speach1:13:40 – Stacy Garlington video1:14:44 – Stacy Garlington speach1:19:00 – Peter Sax firefighter

  8. chillinkansai on

    That was a very nice presentation. The DJI folks were great, but the MC made me cringe. DJI, Contact me for the next release. You deserve a more professional host.

  9. Justin Pamenter on

    Amazing product, would definitely like to invest in a Phantom 3, but I have to agree with other users comments about the MC. Nerves maybe? Not an easy gig in front of a global online audience.

  10. You guys need a new MC, his feeble attempts at humour was annoying. Lay off the Malibu yourself, comment was not funny and not called for, along with the numerous other stupid comments. Having him MC the event, cheapened the event, and made it unprofessional. Hopefully DJI leaves him behind the scenes at any future launch. My rant being over, Phantom 3 looks great, I have the Phantom 2 Vision + V 3 and wish I had waited a few months to get the Phantom 3. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  11. Bill Neill on

    Was disappointed in the herky jerky videos from around the world. Ihope they are actually more fluid and it was the transmission that made them seem unstable. Anyone know?

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