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Don’t worry, MS Paint isn’t going anywhere


A lot of speculation and concern has been making its way around the web, as some PC users panic at the idea of losing the iconic MS Paint from Windows 10. This has been triggered by the news that Microsoft will be removing MS Paint from the general installation of Windows 10 in an upcoming major update rolling out to the OS this year (Fall Creators Update). Thankfully, there is more to it than just that (and it isn’t going anywhere–per se).

Microsoft pointed out that the new Paint 3D will be included free with Windows and will contain many of the features that users have to come love within MS Paint. However, if you still prefer to keep MS Paint around, it will be available as a free download in the Windows Store (come time). So it won’t be installed be default, but can be manually thrown right back into your machine at a click of a button. Unless of course, you prefer to give Paint 3D a try, which comes with a lot of new features…such as 3D tools (see below image).

So if you are emotionally attached to the MS Paint app that has touched the hearts of many since Windows 1.0 (November 1985), you have nothing to fear. They will just more than likely halt any additional updates to the application from this point forward, freezing it’s progress in time.


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