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Elon Musk counters Customs by rebranding his flamethrower


It appears that Customs and certain state representatives aren’t taking Elon Musk‘s new flamethrower lightly. What everyone originally thought was a joke after he originally tweeted about making one on Twitter last month, wound up selling in the thousands. There was actually 20,000 pre-orders to be exact, before sales were cut off and have been listed as “complete”, on The Boring Company’s website. That is despite the fact that they carry a price tag of $500. Now these officials are a bit worried about people walking around with one of these (I guess that’s a reasonable concern).

Of course his solution is riddled with comedy, by claiming that it will be renamed to “Not a Flamethrower”, following that up with “Or maybe ‘Temperature Enhancement Device'”. Although I don’t quite think that will work for Customs, it is an amazing response showing why Elon is one of our heros.

The Boring Company’s Flamethrower is actually an toy airsoft rifle that was converted into a flamethrower using a small propane tank, and then branded with the companies name. If they do ship out and you get your hands on one, you might be smart to store it where kids won’t be able to get to it, cause it sure as hell looks a lot like a Super Soaker or Nerf gun. Thankfully, Elon claims that every gun will also be shipped with a similar branded fire extinguisher…just in case you make any mistakes.


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