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Escort announces the new Max 360 radar detector


max-360_arrowsEscort made the announcement this morning that the new member of the Max family of detectors is available for pre-order today. The Max 360 detector sports a new feature that displays the direction in which a radar source is coming from, including front, rear and sides. The feature has been added to the right of the front LCD display in the form of arrows.

Escort has been known for a solid line of detectors that offer an accurate detection response for both radar and laser while auto-detecting false alerts and filtering them out so you’re not spending half your drive hitting the mute button because you pass by a convenience store with automated doors.

Like the four generations of detectors before it, the Max 360 offers built-in GPS that allows you to store a collection of hotspots including red-light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps. You are able to subscribe to a national database to keep your information up-to-date and can manually add locations yourself directly from the detector while driving.

Information is displayed on the front LCD display showing what type of radar or laser has been detected and can display multiple signals when detected due to its dual antenna design. It also displays the speed limit on the road you are currently traveling as well as your actual current speed–based on GPS.

The detector has clear voice alerts that help you better understand what is going without having ever take your eyes off of the road (another feature that has been in-use spanning multiple generations of models).

There is even Bluetooth connectivity for iOS and Android devices that allows you to tap into their real-time “ticket-protection” network, where you can learn about nearby alerts from other users and explore additional information.

app-screen322x572 app-screen322x572_b

They will start shipping on October 19th and for the moment can only be pre-ordered directly from their website.

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  1. like the title states, i never leave revweis. this is the first review i have ever written and i just wanted to express how great this mount is. i read other revweis about being difficult to mount and how the radar wobbled around in there. that is not the case at all. first off i actually purchased the one for the escort detector but i actually used it on my V1. they are interchangeable, so it does not matter which one you buy. so first of that is great. now on to the hardware. its great quality, all metal. no plastic to break. it comes with an alen wrech aswell to adjust the screws and addl longer screws, so there is nothing else you need to do the install with. it takes all of 1 min to mount and a monkey could do it. it is very sturdy once in place and the detector doesnt move at all over bumps in the road or vibrations from a sub (if you have one). also in the even you want to take the detector down you can just slid it out like normal and leave the mount up.

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