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Fighting back against plagiarism with Microsoft Word


One of the biggest problems that have plagued schools since the beginning (of schools…) is cheating. Studies prove time and time again, that a large percentage of students have taken to cheating at one point or another during the education. So many of which, have fallen towards plagiarism for projects such as essays and other written works.

Throughout the years, teachers have had to evolve with technology as students continue to find new ways of stealing the words of others, as a shortcut method of getting through their assignment. The internet has been one of the biggest threats to such, since there is such easy access to virtually unlimited information. How does one expect a teacher to be able to identify when a student has “borrowed” the text of an online source, in a vast ocean of over one billion websites (trillions of pages)?

A new plugin for Microsoft Word seeks to solve this by doing the work for them. It is called Copyleaks. By using this plugin, teachers can quickly scan a document for plagiarism, doing all the heavy lifting for them. Copyleaks will compare the text to over 60 trillion pages on the internet, scanning for anything that comes close to stealing. This allows the teacher to focus their attention more towards grading those assignments and moving on.

Teachers can download the add-in via the Office store online. They can scan up to 10 documents a month for free. Beyond that, there is a hefty subscription fee, so hopefully the school will take care of that part.


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