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Garmin announces their new 1080p Dash Cam 65W with 180-degree view


Garmin, one of the largest Dash Cam manufactures (with a notable name at least), has announced their latest addition to their collection with their new Dash Cam 65W.

The new 65W camera features a 180-degree wide-angle view to help capture the world around you with as you drive. With 1080p, Garmin is promising quality imagery so that you get the kind of detail required when you need it, and to make things sweeter, comes with a number of valuable features.

Along with crisp imagery and a wide view, the camera boasts a list of features that include the ability to control it via voice commands, and red light and speed camera alerts (a feature similar to popular radar detectors, such as the Escort series). It also features lane departure and forward collision warnings to keep you safe with, as well as what they call a “Go” alert, for when traffic in front of you begins to move (just in case you aren’t paying attention…when you should be).

The back of the camera features a 2-inch LCD screen to control things by and view content. It features a G-sensor which triggers it to save footage when an impact has been detected and an optional (additional) cable can be purchased that allows you to run power to it while the vehicle is parked and turned off, so that the sensor can continue to work in case an impact occurs while you are away.

Drivers can pair the camera with Garmin’s VIRB app where they can sync the camera’s video content via Wi-Fi and control various features such as the ability to immediately share the videos online. This way you can share footage of the people in front of you, with your favorite Facebook groups, like Idiots on the Road (or send it to your insurance company).

It comes with an 8GB microSD cad, which can be upgraded to up to 64GB if needed. The camera features continuous recording, so it keeps recording until the card fills up, and then begins to overwrite previously recorded content (not including separate saved files), so that it never has to come to a stop. It would probably be smart to upgrader the card to 32GB if you do a lot of driving (and enjoy taking snippets of the world around you).

The new Dash Cam 65W will be available next month (June), where it can be found at some of your favorite electronic stores as well as online. In the meantime, you can check out some of Garmin’s other models already available at places like Amazon, where there are plenty of models to choose from.



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