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Garmin launches their new vívosmart 3 fitness tracker


Garmin launched their new vívosmart 3 fitness tracker this week, featuring a new design and a screen that blends into the band, helping to make it unnoticeable while the display off.

The new band taps into new monitoring tools such as VO2 max (a measurable indication of aerobic performance) and Strength Training (tracks your reps, sets and rest times), as well as features all-day stress tracking for monitoring your wellness with. You’ll find all of the typical abilities you would expect to find in a fitness band, including the ability to track your steps, floors climbed, calories spent, distance, heart rate, sleep and more.

The band is waterproof, allowing you to take it swimming while never having to remove it from your wrist and features a battery life that Garmin says will last up to 5 days before you have to throw it back on the charger.

A feature referred to as Move IQ is supposed to automatically recognize when you are walking, running, swimming, biking and more. This is to help prevent you from having to manually trigger your modes every time you start a new activity.

The new vívosmart 3 fitness tracker is available now and can be found at some of your favorite retail spots, such as Best Buy, REI and Amazon.


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