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Get ready for Sega and Atari Classic consoles and handhelds


The Nintendo Classic was a big hit with many while also being a big marketing stunt, by making sure there wasn’t enough to go around. It allowed Nintendo to get their feet wet without sacrificing too much, in the attempt to see how well the classics would sell if something like that made a comeback. It then left the market recently to longer see the light of day.

Of course, the entire gaming market got to sit back and monitor the analytics of this move. We had predicted that this would open doors everywhere for classic games to make their way back into the market with a similar solution. That Nintendo’s next move might be a SNES/NES hybrid, with a more permanent shelf life, and a larger selection than just 30 games to choose from. On top of that, it shouldn’t be long until we start seeing a Sega solution and more in the mix.

It looks like we won’t have to wait long, as AtGames announced today that they will be releasing a lineup this Fall, that will cover both Sega and Atari. The lineup will include console and portable solutions for both franchises, with 70 to 130 games to choose from within each (depending on which unit you choose).

The new systems will include a 720p HD output through HDMI for improved graphics and based on their past, probably will retail for a decent price. Even the portable units will include the option of hooking them up to a TV for a larger picture, via an optional cable (just in case their 2.5-inch screen isn’t big enough for you to beat that final boss with). They will be available for pre-order next month from select retailers (I’m sure online options, such as Amazon, will be included).

I know I wouldn’t mind packing a Sega portable when traveling around from spot to spot for the next story.


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