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Google’s ‘Project Wing’ Hot On The Tail of Amazon’s ‘Prime Air’ Delivery Drones


Everyone wants a stake in the delivery drone war since Amazon originally announced that they were interested in using unmanned drones to delivery packages with via its “Prime Air” program. Now even Google is hot on the tail of Amazon with their “Project Wing” (video below) from their Google X labs (ie, where all of Google’s experimental projects are developed such as “Google Glass”).

The idea is that it will travel like a normal plane until it reaches it’s destination where it will then hover until it drops the package via a wire and then flies away.

Currently, they are performing tests of the new technology in Australia and it will be a while until such technology ever becomes possible for use as there are still so many legal questions that have yet to be defined by the authorities (ie, Federal Aviation Administration).

Currently they do have a sign-up sheet (here) for anyone interested in partnering with the program (when and if the program ever “takes off” at least). For now, it’s simply in it’s prototype phase.


Sources: The Atlantic


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