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GoPro announces entry level $129 GoPro Hero camera


GoProHeroTo further strike at the competition, GoPro has announced a smaller, more affordable, entry level camera to compete against the lower priced action cameras on the market. This will force competing companies such as Polaroid, Contour, and Midland to step up their game. The new camera is simply titled “Hero” and will support the following specs:

  • 1080p video at 30fps
  • 720p video at 60fps
  • 5MP stills (at up to five frames a second)
  • QuickCapture & Burst Photo modes
  • Auto Low Light mode
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Built-in microphone
  • Integrated waterproof housing (up to 131 feet)


It is built into it’s waterproof housing instead of being able to remove it from its shell like the other models and can mount using all of the same mounts.

The camera will cost just $129.99 at launch and will be targeted for those who cannot (or don’t want to) dish out the money for the higher models, allowing GoPro and even wider niche.

At the moment the camera is classified as “Coming Soon”. It’s safe to assume that it will probably be releasing sometime in October with the GoPro 4 lineup.


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