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GoPro Session looks a little too much like the Polaroid Cube


GoPro’s smallest camera, the GoPro HERO4 Session has a very small and versatile build to it that allows it to blend into its environment even more than ever due to all of the controls being removed in exchange for using your smartphone to do all the work. However, it also looks very familiar to something already in existence–the Polaroid Cube. This has led to a lawsuit against GoPro for infringing on a patented design.

The lawsuit isn’t coming from Polaroid however, as C&A Marketing acquired the patent last May and has had the rights to distribution of the Polaroid cameras since Polaroid’s 2009 bankruptcy. Next thing you know, a few months later the GoPro Session is born and Houston, we have a conflict. GoPro has also been issued patents relating to the Session as well and strongly denies any similarities outside of shape. GoPro claims the specs offer too big of a difference between the two models.

GoPro had been working on the design of the Session for 3 years before it released July of this year, but the Polaroid Cube entered the market around September 2014. So the Polaroid model made it first, the Session has been in design for 3 years prior to its release, the Polaroid requires a shell to become waterproof, the Session is a better performing product that is also waterproof by nature without the need of shells  or accessories, both share the same shape and both have patents issued to them by the US. Now it’s a battle to of whose patents hold the most ground, who’s the egg,  who’s the chicken and who came first.


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