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GoPro teases their upcoming quadcopter with sample footage


Soon DJI won’t be the only major player in the pool of professional drones. Ok, actually there are a number of competitors out there, but it seems none of them have gained as much media attention as DJI has over recent years. You know that once GoPro steps in with a comparable quadcopter, there is going to be a crazy-fun drone tech war coming soon.

Looking at the video below, you can see the superb stabilization they are gloating over that will make this a hot item for many hobbyists or professionals all over the world. Currently there is no pictures of what the quadcopter will look like (yet) as it’s just a prototype for now, but from the footage, you can see there is a lot to hope for.

The only thing you probably won’t want to look forward to is the price since GoPro has been well known for gouging pockets, and they just keep raising the price tag every time. Theirs sales would explode if they just dropped the price of the higher cameras by $100-150 and kept it there. Imagine how many Hero4 Black editions would race off the shelves if they only cost about $350.



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