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GoPro’s Karma drone makes its comeback to the market


About a month after it was introduced, GoPro pulled the Karma back with a recall due to problems popping up with power failures while in mid-flight. Never a good thing really. Thankfully GoPro responded before it ever become a legal thing, knowing that they had to fix this immediately in order safen their existence in the drone market. Now, they have fixed the problem and released the Karma back onto store shelves, ready for a round two.

The problem that affected them was determined to be the battery. While the drone was in flight, certain movements could result in the battery shifting slightly, causing it to lose connection–and you can guess what occurs after that has happened.

GoPro has fixed this by redesigning the hatch that holds the battery in place, preventing it from moving any. You would think an issue like this might have popped up during testing before it ever made it onto the market the first time. However, maybe they weren’t putting the right amount of stress on it during such tests, underestimating what people would be attempting with it.

Now they have high hopes with the relaunch, that their choice to act quickly and show concern for their customers will help to cushion the whole experience and maintain the quality of the brand. Especially when there are so many competitors like DJI that had so much to gain from it all.

Thankfully the Karma has a lot going for it, including its removable camera stabilizer and may pave way for further models to come. You can buy into one as low as $799.99 at their website.



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