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Harman to release a wireless speaker with Cortana assistant


Microsoft and Hardon Kardon are teaming up to battle against the growing market of speakers with on-board assistants. With Amazon taking the lead on the market with the Echo, Microsoft has some catching up to do. Thankfully for them, Harman must feel it is more than possible. Of course, with a company like Harman, it should also prove to be a pretty good speaker.

With Google Home already on the shelves, this would mean the power of three will have a tight grip on this category as well.

Cortana has already been available via Windows devices, including phones, tablets, PCs,, Xbox and more. Microsoft already moved to alternative operating systems by expanding on their app. Now Cortana will be available anywhere there is a outlet available (unless of course they take the same route as the Vaux and include an internal battery).

So far, the only thing we know is that it will be releasing sometime in 2017. Neither Microsoft or Harman have released anything new on it outside of the video Microsoft released last December (below). I’m sure that it won’t have the same wait time that products like the Kinect or HoloLens have due to the simplicity of developing something like this (for them at least). Now we just wait for them to obtain the required certifications they need to move forward.



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