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Hexo+: The autonomous drone that doesn’t need a controller is shipping


Remember the drone we spoke about over a year ago? Ok, I won’t dock you any points if you forgot since within that amount of time, nearly anyone could forget about something–unless of course you have been following it ever since.

Back in December of 2014, we covered Hexo+ briefly with a sneak peek. It was supposed to release May of last year (2015) based on information shared by the company, but that window came and went and no Hexo+ was to be found. We didn’t hear back from Hexo+ for a long time about it until later in the year.

By the end of 2015, Hexo+ was finally shipping units out to all of those who jumped on board early through the Kickstarter campaign and other pre-orders. Now they are continuing to take orders from their website for $1,349. There is no information yet on if they will be made available in stores or elsewhere just yet, but they at least beat Lily to the punch on getting them out there.

We spoke with Antoine Level, Hexo+ CEO, at CES this month. At this point, they have already shipping out over 2500 units to customers. He shared with us some of the improvements they have been working on since our last story.

Some basic specs:

Easy to Pack
Fits on or in a backpack, tool-free removable props, feet and gimbal.
Easy battery swap
5-second battery replacement for multiple flights.
Perfectly stable footage
3-Axis Gimbal for state of the art image stabilization.
GoPro Compatible
Ready to fly the world’s best action camera.
Custom Camera Movement
Customize and combine movements, coming soon!
Safety First
Built-in fail-safe scenarios in case of failure.
Quarterly functional upgrades of the app and firmware.
RC Compatible
Fly Hexo+ with an RC if you need to.
Durable construction, all-condition design.
Fast and Stable
6-props design and 45 mph max speed.

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