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2015 – Hot 4K TVs to look out for this week and Black Friday


Who doesn’t love Black Friday? It’s generally a love hate kind of day as you know you are going to spend a lot of dough, but in return you’re going to get a lot of great stuff–and potentially fulfill most of your holiday shopping as well.

One of the most popular items every year on Black Friday is what’s hot on the TV market and this year is just as good as any with sweet deals on 4K screens as well as 1080p models (in case you refuse to join the tech evolution train). We have broken it down into just a few categories here on what to watch out for.

Basically, some of the Black Friday specials have already begin, some start on Thanksgiving (because Corporate America loves to force their employees into Black Friday in replace of their holiday and spending time with their families) and the rest begin on Black Friday itself (how it used to always be). Some of the specials below have already started and some you will want to keep your eye open for on Friday, so bookmark this page and warm your clicking finger up for some shopping havoc!

The price on Hisense 4K TVs has always been a little head of the rest but has dropped even further this week and you should plan to see even better by Friday. Keep an eye out for these if you’re not looking to go with the pricier brands.


Vizio Black Friday

A step up from Hisense and into the realm of wow with Vizio as every year you can expect to find some amazing deals on Vizio TVs during this week. The price will be falling even further on Friday for a select few of the models. We have witnessed Vizio’s 4K first hand with our demonstrations and testing of some of this year’s models, including the 80-inch. We can’t say for sure if the 80-inch is expected to be among those falling in price, but you can expect the 65-inch and below to be a hot item this time around.



Sony’s 75-inch 4K Ultra HD (model XBR75X850C) has already dropped to the expected Black Friday price of $2,999, so it is safe to say the price won’t be moving any further (originally $4,999). So if you’re a Sony fan and have been itching to jump on board the 4K train, you might want to snag one just in case quantities are limited.



The price of many Samsung TVs has also dropped already and we plan to see some better prices on a few of the models beginning Thanksgiving and going into Friday. LG and a few other brands are in the same boat, so we decided to give you the link to the page that shows them all (easier pickin when the time comes). Samsung generally knows how to create a reasonable balance in price compared to what else is out there, only like LG, their screens are tough to beat. So if the price isn’t that much higher than the Vizio alternative, we’d recommend stretching for Samsung (or LG). If not, than Vizio is among those three that we hold number one at this time.


UE Boom

A bonus item to look at, the UE Boom wireless Bluetooth speaker by Logitech (which has been one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers since the start of last year) apparently will fall in price to $99 on Friday at Best Buy. We don’t know if Amazon plans to hold the same sell or not, but if this is true, then you will be able to pick up the Boom at half the normal retail price. This is an awesome chance to get your hands on one of the sweetest sounding portable speakers out there. The size of two soda can stacked on top of each other, this speaker supplies a 360-degree wide-dynamic range of sound that can fill an entire room easily. Check out our review of it here. So when Friday hits, click the below link and jump on it!




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