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How to disable the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy 8/8+


Finding ways to disable the physical button that triggers Bixby has been a hot topic since the release of the Samsung Galaxy 8 phones, and the road to a solution has never been so easy until now. There have been many other solutions, mostly involving apps that you can download that try to take over the button press by quickly closing Bixby and opening something else. Some of these apps were rendered useless by Samsung updates that find ways around it and some others still work but are annoying when it comes to functionality. Now, you no longer have to download anything except for the latest Bixby update (which most likely already has downloaded in the background for you).

You can now disable the button directly in Bixby (yay!…finally). The setting can be found in the main screen by pressing/clicking on the cog wheel at the top-right. Once you have down this, the option will slide down just below it. Then, toggle the switch to off for the setting, and you are ready to go. Close out of Bixby and try pressing the button (a sweet silence will result).

A long-press of the button still triggers Bixby’s voice command bubble, which can still be useful since you most likely won’t be triggering it accidently like you would a single press of the button (which just about everyone has suffered from).

This proves to be a good sign that Samsung is actually listening to consumer feedback. Of course, it has taken months for them to do something about it, but they did so nonetheless. Thanks Samsung! Now if only other manufacturers will respond like that to the glowing torches being held outside their windows by angry consumers. Just because a company thinks something is a great idea, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world will think the same or care to use it–nor does it mean they will simply accept it and deal with it without raising hell.


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