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How to pre-order two Amazon Show devices (with Alexa) for only $360


Now that price might seem a little high. However, when you consider they cost $230 each normally (which would normally make it $460 for two), it’s nearly 22% off the normal price. Thankfully, the process is quite easy to pull off. All you have to do is place two of the Amazon Show devices into your shopping cart. Then during checkout, you simply use the code “SHOW2PACK“, and Amazon will take $100 off the price. That’s it.

The new Amazon Show device with Echo built in, will begin shipping beginning June 28th (next month) and taking the industry with force as Amazon makes the push to be one of the first companies to provide a video enabled digital assistant, extending on its Echo devices, to allow for additional features.

You can now make and take video calls with friends and family who own an Amazon Show as well, or have the Alexa app on their phone. You can also make and take voice calls (without video) if they have any Amazon Echo device. This feature is big as Amazon isn’t alone in moving towards communication features with digital assistants. For example, we recently announced that Microsoft and Harman recently teamed up to release a speaker featuring Cortana and Skype, which also will allow you to make calls to anyone using Skype, as well as landline phones.

By adding a screen to the Echo (Amazon Show), you will be able to do a long list of things you weren’t able to do with the Echoes in the past. Besides calls, you can also get a visual look at weather, watch YouTube videos, control your smart home devices, view your security cameras and so much more.

Just like the Echo devices, it has a array of microphones with beam-forming and noise cancelation technology so that it can clearly hear you no matter where you are standing in the room. It features a powerful speaker to help fill the room with, so that you can enjoy endless hours worth of music listening via all of your favorite streaming solutions.


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