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HP extends their laptop battery recall to over 100,000


HP is extending their recall of laptop batteries to over 100,000 due to concern of possible fire risk due to overheat. More than twice the number they originally confirmed to be affected last year, it covers a wide rage of models between 2013 and 2016.

Thankfully, HP has made it quite easy to check to see if your laptop is on the list of those that need to send their battery in. Consumers can visit their Replacement Program page where they will find two options available to them. One of which is a small download that will automatically check their battery against the list for them. The other is a manual process in case they aren’t currently using the laptop in question.

Unlike the recent events surrounding Samsung, very few incidents have been reported in regards to the HP batteries, but if you find yourself on the list, there is no reason to hesitate swapping your battery with one that doesn’t face such concern.

The website will help consumers get through the process of sending in their batteries where HP will in return replace them for free. The laptops can still function in the meantime by using their AC power cable plugged in while they wait.



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