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Intel announced new processors with up to 18 cores of power


In the on going battle of who has the biggest…processor, Intel has swung back at AMD by announcing their new Core i9 X-Series processors (codenamed “Basin Falls”). All of this happened today (Tuesday) at Computex in Taipei. Their new processors will feature a range of i9 options that include 10-core, 12-core, 14-core, 16-core and the flagship 18-core. The latter of the options is the Core i9 Extreme Edition i9-7980XE, an 18-core, 32-thread, beast. This is a response to AMD’s 16-core Ryzen Threadripper flagship, thus taking some of the attention back away from AMD.

The new chips will be pricey, starting at $999, thus the average consumer won’t be rushing out to get their hands on one of these. However, for power users that work with video encoding, CAD and other resource intense applications, it will be highly attractive. The i9-7980XE (18-core) chip will price around $1,999, so you can bet the audience will be a little small at first.

You can plan to see the processors begin to make their way to market in the next few weeks. As they do, information will continue to become available via their X-Series product page on

The battle between Intel and AMD is ever going, as both sides take swings at each other, and neither side is ready to lay down arms. I know we are excited since most of the systems here run on Skylake, and we have had nothing but a great experience. Some of the other systems are 6 to 8-core AMD systems, which perform quite well, but fall behind the Intel setups when it comes to peak performance of things like gaming and video editing.

For those looking to take it a little more easier on your budget, Intel has also announced new X-Series models for their i7 (starting at $339) and i5 (starting at $242) lineups.


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