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Ironova seeks to bring emotion into your gaming experience


A French company by the name of Ironova wants to bring emotions into the games you are playing by using their upcoming Ankkoro wristband, that they are calling the first “Gamotion manager”. The objective is to allow the game’s AI to respond to interact with the data collected and respond differently depending on your emotional state.

Now, certain elements, such as when an enemy might jump out at you, can be determined based on your heart rate. Maybe they can catch you when your heart is throbbing to really give you the scare you’re looking for (or a stroke). Or instead, they may seek to back down slightly until you’re not expecting anything to happen. So maybe there will be a walking corpse waiting for you behind that door when you open it (maybe not).

They claim it will be able to detect all sorts of emotions, such as stress, fear, joy, relaxation, boredom and more. Honestly, it seems a little far fetched with current technology, leading me to believe that it relies mostly on heart rate than anything else, which means making guesses at what emotion the heart rate at any given time is caused by. Regardless, the ability to tap into someone’s fear through this method is a sound idea and could take games to a whole new level.

The band will be able to recognize gestures as well due to a built-in 6 axis 3D accelerometer sensor, which could allow you to do things within games, using your hands, such as open that door that may or may not lead to that walking corpse on the other side. This would be great for VR setups.

Currently they are still in development and seeking to reach the phase where they will be able to send game developers prototypes with an API to work with. So we may not see it on the market for some time. However, it seems to be quite promising to know that video games may get a lot more richer in the future. Now, if only they can better come up with a smell-o-vision support for the games and movies we watch and play.


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