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Jawbone UP24 fitness tracker at a better price


We have seen the UP24 bounce around in price over the last year, but finally it hit a level where anyone would want to jump on one (assuming they don’t already have a better solution by now). We have covered the UP24 in the past, including the fact that Jawbone still hasn’t released the promised Windows Phone compatibility of its app–something that was promised around this time last year. It even did well at the time of its review. Of course, the number one thing that was highlighted, was the price. It would have received a better score with a better price, since unlike today’s smartwatches, the UP24 doesn’t do much outside of simple coaching, sleep tracking and acting as an advanced pedometer (and no display screen to interact with).

Now however, it has been spotted that the UP24 can be found at select Costco warehouses for only $20-30, which is a significant drop. The USB wired edition is $19.99 and the Bluetooth wireless version $29.99. So cheap, you might as well pick one up if you don’t already have something around your wrist. A great place-keeper and small well of information until smartwatches become a little more affordable.

So far the only confirmed sighting was the Costco location in Chula Vista, near San Diego. Costco commented that not all stores hold the same inventory (and it isn’t available on their website), so you will have to roll the dice to see if your location is a winner. Either that or see who you know in San Diego that can pick one up for you (good friends never let friends miss out on great deals!).


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