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Leica has announced their own instant film camera, the Sofort


Polaroid-type cameras had all but vanished mostly as digital camera moved in to take over the market at the start of the current century. Cameras today provide such an extended quality in the images they take while allowing users to share with the world without ever printing a single physical copy. You can also take the memory cards to kiosks that are located at most of your favorite stores (Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Target, etc) for easy and affordable printing or buy into a high quality printer yourself.

However, over the last few years, there seems to have been another shift. Albeit, a small percentage of photo enthusiasts, but existent none-the-less. Instant film cameras have been making a slow comeback as users enjoy the simplicity and convenience of getting a physical picture on the spot.

Leica has joined this circle with the announcement of their new digital instant film camera, “Sofort”. It will be making its first physical debut at Photokina 2016 next week, and features a unique design from the rest of Leica’s collection of models. Similar to today’s trendy pocket-sized cameras, it features a smaller body type that makes it easier to slide into your pocket and a retracting optical lens.


It will launch in 3 colors, including white, mint-green and orange. The camera itself will run you around $300, marking it as one of the more expensive instant film solutions on the market, which might make it a little tough to sell for those who aren’t familiar with the name.

Like most digital cameras, you have a selection of modes to choose from, such as automatic, party & people, sport & action and macro. The flash is selectable and there is a small rectangular mirror on the front to help assist with your extensive selfie collection.

Leica will offer their own film in both black/white and color. You also have the option of using Fuji’s Instax film as an alternative option. The camera itself will be releasing in November of this year.





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