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Lexar acquired by Longsys – Another US company goes overseas


Yet another US company has been obtained by an overseas company yesterday, as Lexar (Milpitas, CA) was acquired by Longsys (China). Lexar was sold by Micron (Boise, Idaho) for an unknown amount, after recently announcing their plan to let go of the brand and focus on higher profit opportunities.

Longsys is a large NAND flash storage manufacturer based in China, looking to grow their presence in the US using Lexar’s brand, due to the company’s well recognized name and reputation in the flash-based memory industry. So you can expect to see Lexar’s lineup grow in the future to introduce new products and expand further into the SSD market as Longsys slowly introduces their technology into the mix.

It’s difficult to say what to expect beyond that as we haven’t had a chance to benchmark anything from Longsys’ lineup just yet, but as long as they continue to deliver the quality that Lexar is known for, we will be interested to see what develops.


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